My Bucket List

This is my personal bucket list – Things I wanna do before I expire. I like to tick off things on the lists, thus, by making this list I am giving myself an opportunity to tick things as fast as I can. So, here it goes :-

  1. Skydive!
  2. Visit DISNEYLAND !!
  3. Euro Trip !!!!
  4. Go to Ladakh on a bike from Delhi (done in 2015)
  5. Go on a India-Malaysia-Singapore Road Trip
  6. Go to Rann of Kutch on a bike from Delhi (done in 2018)
  7. Ride a helicopter (done in 2015)
  8. Watch a Live Match in Old Trafford
  9. Watch a live performance of any band I frequently listen to (there are too many to list)
  10. Go to Antartica
  11. Get a tattoo (done in 2014, again in 2017)
  12. Scuba Dive or Snorkel (done in 2018 in Pattaya)
  13. Climb a volcano (hopefully non-active)
  14. Witness an Aurora
  15. Write a poem (done in 2016)
  16. Party on a Yacht!
  17. Perform at least one song in front of live audience
  18. Cover Great Ocean Road in Australia on a bike
  19. Complete Game of Thrones book series before the TV series end (not gonna happen now because GRRM didn’t finish the books on time)
  20. Drink Absinthe (done in 2016)
  21. Ride a bicycle to the top of a mountain
  22. Self Finance a whole Trip (doing it since 2015)
  23. Achieve my Ideal Weight
  24. Sponsor a Child’s study
  25. Go on a Roller Coaster ride
  26. Visit Smithsonian Institution
  27. Go to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
  28. Run a complete marathon
  29. Visit all the 29 States and 7 Union territories of India (done 12 states and 3 UTs so far)

This list will keep growing and it’ll take a lifetime to complete half of the things mentioned here, but, hope for the best. Wish me luck!